Sheet Masks

to Masque or not to Mask

Charcoal, clay, ‘pore-eliminating’, sheet masques are literally everywhere right now! How in the world do you navigate and find a quality product that won’t set your skin a-fire? (We have seen this first-hand!)


Obviously, professional recommendations are your best bet – but maybe you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new…and now! We’ve all been there.  Ingredients matter, and reviewing what is actually in your products is another way to inspect for quality before you indulge.  So what should you go for, and what should you avoid? Here are some tips from the pros, happy hunting!


·         Ingredients

Avoid products if you can’t read what is in them!  Some products may not provide their ingredient list at all, or they may be in another language – pass on these. 

·         Cost

Impossibly low-priced products are likely low quality as well.  This is a rule of thumb, and there may be some exceptions out there.  If you can’t believe the price, you may also be unsatisfied with the lack of results.

·         Skin Type

Skin type and ingredients go hand-in-hand!  Here are some helpful pointers.

Charcoal.   With quality charcoal masques, you can expect immediate results. Go for it - charcoal clears pores for those with oily, congested skin. 

Skip it – charcoal is a strong exfoliant, pass if you have severe acne, sensitive skin, or rosacea.

Clay. Helps with inflammation.  Best for congested and acneic skin.  Clears and prevents breakouts!

Sheet masks. You’ll hit or miss with sheet masks.  Quality sheet masks may even be used in the treatment room.  Low quality sheet masks will yield little-to-no results, or cause a reaction you’ll regret.  Be cautious!

Peel-Off.  NOT for everyone.  Drying masques that you peel off are helpful if you have texturized skin, and give back to those with undernourished skin.


While we’re at it, here are some masque pro favorites recommended by The Brow and Skin Studio.


Buy it anywhere (and here)! Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque by Dermalogica.  This masque will never let you down.  You can even sleep with it on for super nourishment!  When used on a consistent basis, the overall health of your skin will shine.


Buy it here (only)! Purifying Comfort Masque by Ultradermacine. We recommend this masque to so many of our clients because of it’s unique formula and the fact that almost all skin types will benefit.  Best for dry, dehydrated, congested and acneic skin.  (Chances are that’s most of us at any given point!)