Do I still need a moisturizer if my skin is OILY?


Yes. Your skin is oily because it produces too much oil and it isn’t balanced. You need to return your skin to a balanced state. Your skin naturally tries to stay balanced, but you need the right products to help it achieve that. If you use a product that overly dries your skin and strips it of its oils, then it will naturally start producing more oil in an attempt to restore the balance. Everyone, no matter how oily his or her skin, needs a daytime and night time moisturizer. Make sure to apply sun protection (SPF) on top of your daytime moisturizer everyday.


Healthy skin requires a delicate balance of both water and oil, hence the thought of having a healthy glow.  Even if your skin produces excess oil you still need to replenish the water in the skin and keep it hydrated.  A deficiency of water will typically lead to an over production of oil which will worsen your condition.  The last thing you want is for your skin to over produce oil because you will end up with even more oil on your face.  I advise my clients who have oily skin to wash there face twice a day with warm water and to use a light weight, oil- free moisturizer morning and night after cleansing their skin.  Choose a daytime moisturizer with SPF that is designed for oily skin, as well as non-oily or oil -free night moisturizer.


My product pick is Active Moist by Dermalogica, it is excellent for day and night. Active Moist is a lightweight, oil-free lotion for daily moisture protection that actively combats surface dehydration. However, if used during the day, apply a few drops of Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Block which contains an SPF 20 as well. I explain to my clients that using a moisturizer day and night leaves your skin hydrated and supple.  And all of us women are seeking a healthy looking glow in our complexion!