Regimens Rule

Why Regimens Rule


This one comes to you from a page in my very own lessons-learned book.  It’s all about why regimens rule, as the title demonstrates, but I’ve also personally liked to call it: “you bought that product for a reason, use it!” or “why laziness leads to lack luster skin”. 


If you’re blessed to have found a skin care therapist you trust, then chances are you’ve come to find the perfect balance of regular professional treatments and daily at-home regime that lead to your healthiest, clearest, glow-iest, most beautiful skin. 


Trouble arises only when you falter or take risks with your well laid out plan. 


Monthly treatments (at least!) are like regular trips to the dentist.  You can wash, exfoliate, and moisturize every day, but that regular deep cleaning you receive during your monthly facial is necessary for ultimate skin health and your complexion’s glow. 


At-home regime.  When your skin is glowing and clear, my best advice is don’t rush the regimen and don't press your luck!  There’s a reason you double cleanse every time you wash, sunscreen cannot be skipped during daytime, and if you run out of your prized exfoliant, do not wait to stock up! 


When we skimp, and rush, we set ourselves back.  Good thing is, you can always return to those that helped you get there to get back on track.  But believe me, only regret comes from deviating from the recommendations of those you trust.  Oh, and let’s not forget about our water and nutrition intake.  Yes, staying hydrated and nutritious is likely also part of your discussion with your skin care therapist, and it really matters.


Love your clear, glow-y, healthy skin? Stay dedicated, my friends!!