Signature Facials

Skin Shaper Treatment $125

Our Skin Shaper Treatment is recommended for skin lacking firmness, especially with prematurely aging skin. It is a good treatment for any issues with rough texture, fine lines / wrinkles or congested skin. Works very well to moisturize dehydrated and sluggish skin. 


Pumpkin Plus Treatment $115

The Pumpkin Plus does away with rough textures, enlarged pores and sun damage. We exfoliate the dead skin cells, which clears pores and brightens skin. This treatment is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin, and also works well with dry & rosacea skin types. 


Power Regeneration Treatment $95

This treatment is also good for prematurely aging skin, and especially for those who have dry skin. Super resilient skin responds well to this treatment, as it improves sun damage, firms the skin and removes and congestion.


Diamond Dermabrasion Treatment $155

The Diamond Dermabrasion is an excellent treatment for deep exfoliation and micro resurfacing. Full facial rejuvenation is achieved, eliminating pigmentation, large pores, fine lines, acne, sun damage, and loss of elasticity! Sun damage and fine lines are also taken care of with this treatment, which works well for all skin types, normal, dry and oily. 


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